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Number one store on the web for hardware!


Great job

Jim, We use a lot of fasteners and many types of drill bits this may be good for the both of us. I spoke to my operations manager and he said the crews were very pleased with the lead time with the drill bits I ordered we normally have to wait 4-6 weeks from the local suppliers


Great Site!

Great Site and Great Prices!


Excellent Supplier with extensive selection!

I was pleased with the diversity of the offerings you have. You had a tap that is a very uncommon size that I was not able to find anywhere else except China.


I found that you have an extensive inventory of sought after hardware. I am a woodworker and having a resource like yours is invaluable .


Fast Service!

Fast courteous service.

High quality, great prices!

I'll never buy from ******** again. Mutual Screw & Supply has great products and low(I think) prices. Very fast shipping too!


Successful business

The continuous, properous and innovative business of MutualScrew is really great.


Thank You for the warm Welcoming Jim, it is much appreciated in this day of internet transactions, to actually hear from a person . I definitely did not expect a welcome from anyone, so it was a nice surprise. Hopefully, if my plans go right, I will be dealing with your company on a regular basis. I look forward to dealing with Dave and Mutual Screw & Supply in the near future