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International Shipping

We have partnered with Bongo International to fulfill our international orders. Bongo provides our international visitors with their own US forwarding address. Having a Bongo address provides you with multiple benefits:
  1. Ability to purchase from any US based retail store
  2. Ability to save money by consolidating multiple purchases
  3. Ability to make sure your order was fulfilled correctly
  4. Ability to view images of your goods before they are shipped overseas
Upon completing your Bongo registration, you will be able to check out at our site.

What exactly is this Bongo International Shipping Address and how does it work?
You register with Bongo for a small fee, as low as $5 ( explained during Bongo Registration ) and as a result of your registration, you receive a US Address. This address is to Bongo's shipping facility within the USA. They secure your products, professionally handle the paperwork and ship your product within hours of receiving it. The address you receive has a suite number that is essentially your account number so it needs to be included in all addresses entered. So upon completing your order, we get your products right to Bongo, and they prepare and ship the order Internationally.

If you purchase from multiple stores within the states, you ship all your orders to your Bongo Suite/Address and they can consolidate and save as much as 60% or more on international shipping fees!

How does I use my new Bongo International Shipping address?

OR.. you can simply click the banner right below to receive your Bongo International Shipping Address. Then you simply checkout, entering your billing address as normal and enter your Bongo address in the shipping address.

Last Updated: 08/20/2009