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8-10 X 7/8 Conical Plastic Anchors

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  • SKU: MPAC810 Product Size: 8-10 X 7/8 Weight: 0.2 lb Condition: New
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Product Detailed Description

8-10 X 7/8 Conical Plastic Anchors

  • Uses #8 or #10 screw
  • Length of anchor 7/8" long
  • Drill 3/16" Hole Size
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  • Description: An injection-molded anchor with a flanged opening at the top end and a cone-shaped body that is cupped at the opposite end. It has three horizontal slits cut into the body which extend from the bottom tip up the shank but stop before the flange. There are also three horizontal fins extending from the flange at the top, down the shank but stop before reaching the bottom tip.
    Applications/ Advantages:  It is not suited for applications where holding power is important. For use with self-tapping or wood screws.  This economical anchor is recommended for quick, easy fastening of fixtures in a variety of light duty applications from wallboard to concrete.  The flange makes this versatile anchor easy to install in hollow walls.
    Material: Engineered plastic
    Tensile & Shear strength: These vales should be reduced by at least 75% to determine the safe working load in each application.

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