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13/16 x 29 Irwin Pole Auger with WeldTec™

Irwin Pole Auger with WeldTec™

Irwin Pole Auger with WeldTec 

  • Irwin
  • SKU: 1826645 UPC: 038548998954 Product Size: 13/16 x 29 Weight: 0.8 lb Condition: New
  • $128.44 for 1 Pole Auger Bit
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Product Detailed Description

Irwin 13/16" x 29" Pole Auger with WeldTec

Diameter Flute Length Overall Length Shank Size
13/16" 24" 29" 7/16"
  • Welded high speed steel cutting edge is sharper and larger than standard pole augers, so it cuts faster and lasts longer in dense, treated, or soaked wood.
  • Feed screw is 50% larger and has a 10% faster pitch than standard pole augers, and is designed specifically for drilling deep holes in dense wood.
  • Flutes are nearly two times wider than standard pole augers for maximum chip removal in deep holes.
  • Clean cutting spur is located opposite the cutting edge. It scribes the hole before cutting for cleaner, faster drilling and more efficient transfer of chips to the flute, enhancing overall drilling speed.
  • 7/16" & 5/8" hex impact shanks available

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