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KD 2955 Beam Torque Wrench (0-60 In/Lbs 1/4" Dr.)

KD 2955 Beam Torque Wrench (0-60 In/Lbs 1/4 Dr.)

KD Tools Beam Torque Wrench (0-60 In/Lbs 1/4" Dr.)

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  • SKU: KDT-2955-MD Weight: 0.95 lb Condition: New
  • Regular Price: $95.27
  • On Sale! $75.66 for 1 Torque Wrench
Product Detailed Description

KD 2955 Beam Torque Wrench (0-60 In/Lbs 1/4" Dr.)

This wrench directly measures a variety of torque values when tightening fasteners. Pointer moves clockwise or counterclockwise (+/-4%) to measure torque in English and metric. Satin finish scale reduces glare. Inch-pound models feature ball-type handles that localize force, ensuring accuracy. Foot-pound version has a comfortable palm-fit handle to provide a natural grip for a smooth, accurate pull. Palm-fit handle pivots on beam to maintain constant distance from drive point to load point for precise measurement. Wrench is a serviceable product that can easily be calibrated by bending pointer to zero before use.

This KD Tools KDT-2955-MD Torque Wrenches typically ships within 24 to 48 hours

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