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3/4" SHORT x 2" Lag Screw Expansion Shields Anchor Short Zinc Alloy

Lag Screw Expansion Shields Anchor Short Zinc Alloy
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  • SKU: 75SLSBB Product Size: 3/4" SHORT x 2" Weight: 6.07225 lbs Condition: New
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Product Detailed Description

3/4 Short Lag Screw Shields

1" Diameter Recommended Size of Hole 2" Minimum Anchor Length FF-S-325, Group ll, Type 1 Die-Cast Zinc

Description Medium-duty anchor that achieves full grip after lag screw is tightened

A two-piece assembly made of two semi-cylindrical hollow sections interlocked at the top, allowing the shield to expand when in place

The bore of the shield is tapered, has an internal thread for about 2/3 of the length from the bottom. and a ribbed outer surface which resists "backing out" of the hole into which it is inserted

Applications/ Advantages Lag Shields are medium-duty anchors which expand to fill the area of the pre-drilled hole when a lag screw is tightened into the shield

Extra-long sizes are for use in mortar or brick

Standard lengths are intended for use in concrete

They can be used in solid or hollow base materials and are more resistant to temperature fluctuations and rust than other light-duty anchors

Material Die-cast zinc

Pullout Values Shields shall meet the proof test loads as noted in the above table

When tested, they shall not be removable when set in concrete of 3000 psi comprehensive strength and subjected to these specific test loads in an axial direction

Plating Lag shields are usually supplied without any additional finishes

This Mutual Screw & Supply 75SLS typically ships within 24 hours

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