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SafeWaze 1-3/4" Steel Carabiner

SafeWaze 1-3/4 Steel Carabiner

SafeWaze 1-3/4" Steel Carabiner

  • SafeWaze
  • SKU: FS1017 Weight: 1.7 lbs Condition: New
  • $57.12 for 1 Carabiner

Product Detailed Description

SafeWaze 1-3/4" Steel Carabiner

    The SafeWaze FS1017 is ideal for jobs that require larger carabiner, while ensuring strength and durability. It has a gate strength of 3,600 lbs and gate opening of 2.01”and can also be used as a captive eye carabiner by simply inserting the pin that is included with the unit.
    1 3/4″ Steel
    Twist lock and captive pin
    Yellow zinc coating
    Gate Strength 3,600 lbs (1632.93 kg)
    Materials: Steel alloy - heat-treated
    Weight: 1.71 lbs (0.78 kg)
    Length: 8.54 in (217 mm)
    Applicable Standards: Meets OSHA 1926-502, ANSI Z359.12, ANSI A10.32

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