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Small Snap-On® Tools@Height® - Pullaway Wristbands

Snap-On® Tools@Height® - Pullaway Wristbands

Snap-On® Tools@Height® - Pullaway Wristbands

  • Snap-On Industrial Brands
  • SKU: WB-S Product Size: Small Weight: 0.01 lb Condition: New
  • $33.09 for 1 Wristband

Product Detailed Description

Snap-On® Tools@Height® - Pullaway Wristbands


•Pullaway wristbands are designed so that they can be escaped from in emergency situations. Pullaway Wristbands feature an elastic strap that conform to the users wrist size automatically.

•Load Rating: 5 lbs.

•Extension Length: n/a

•Retracted Length: n/a

Warning: Be sure to use a lanyard that has more weight capacity than the tool you are attaching because drop forces are greater than actual tool weight.

Tools@Height Carabiner are made of Stainless Steel or Aluminum to withstand corrosive environments. Load rated carabiners for safety and durability. Carabiners, triggers, and clips cannot be removed from lanyards for an extra measure of safety. Screw gate locking mechanisms provide positive retention

This Snap-On Industrial Brands WB-S Tools@Height Wristbands typically ships within 24 to 48 hours

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