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Solder-It MJ-950 Ultra-Therm Professional Heat Gun

Solder-It MJ-950 Ultra-Therm Professional Heat Gun

Solder-It MJ-950 Ultra-Therm Professional Heat Gun

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Product Detailed Description

Solder-It MJ-950 Ultra-Therm Professional Heat Gun

The MJ-950 Ultra-Therm is designed for industrial use where high volume flameless heat is required. Its wide nozzle and high-output long life catalyst provide for infinitely adjustable heat levels in a completely portable tool. Safe to use underhood where vaports may be present. Included deflector attachments makes large heavy-wall shrink tubing a zap to install. Use almost anywhere you would use a corded heat gun but WITHOUT THE EXTENSION CORD!

  • General heating and drying applications
  • Activate adhesives and potting compounds
  • Bend and form plastics and plastic laminates
  • PVC bending
  • Preheat flux
  • Remove windshield caulking
  • Install heat shrinkable and solder-filled terminals
  • Install thin wall, dual wall and adhesive lined heat shrink tubing and sleeves
  • Shrink anti-static film tubes, molded parts and light gauge shrink packaging
  • Stretch vinyl
  • Repair vinyl
  • Thaw frozen locks
  • Heat test electronic components

Instant-On Piezo Ignition. Rapid heat-up for immediate use. Long life catalyst. High output element for demanding applications. No cords - can be used anywhere. Comfortable ergonomic grip. Up to 120 minutes use on each fill. Deflector circulates heat and protects nearby work. Adjustable heat output.


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