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Tool Aid 19400 Rivet Tool for Plastic Rivets

Tool Aid 19400 Rivet Tool for Plastic Rivets

Tool Aid Rivet Tool for Plastic Rivets

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  • S & G Tool Aid
  • SKU: SGT-19400-MD Weight: 0.81 lb Condition: New
  • $43.89 for 1 piece

Product Detailed Description

Tool Aid 19400 Rivet Tool for Plastic Rivets

  • Sets most plastic rivets in one stroke without re-gripping. 
  • Won't damage painted, plated or easily marred surfaces. 
  • Long reach design accesses areas not accessible with lever type tools. 
  • Sets all sizes using a single nosepiece. 
  • Lightweight tool is designed for one hand operation. 
  • All metal construction. 
  • ot for use with metal rivets.
This Tool Aid 19400 Riveter usually ships with 24 hours. 

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