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Tool Aid 87890 24" Urethane Cut-Outknives

Tool Aid 87890 24 Urethane Cut-Outknives

Tool Aid 24" Urethane Cut-Outknives

  • S & G Tool Aid
  • SKU: SGT-87890-MD Weight: 0.72 lb Condition: New
  • $39.97 for 1 Utility Knife

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Product Detailed Description

Tool Aid 87890 24" Urethane Cut-Outknives

  • Cuts the urethane bond holding windshield. 
  • Light-weight, rigid aluminum shank with vinyl grip. 
  • Use standard utility knife blade which is easily replaced. 
  • Blade held firmly in place by a steel plate and pin. 
  • Includes two blades

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