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Carriage Bolts


Mutual Screw & Supply is a leading distributor of carriage bolts for a range of applications. Stainless steel carriage bolts are available in many styles and sizes to suit your operational needs. We have Grade 8 carriage bolts and Grade A steel zinc bolts. Stainless steel, hot dipped galvanized, Grade 5 steel zinc plated, and shaker screen carriage bolts are available to order from our online shopping cart.

Store fasteners, coach bolts, and more in our carriage bolt kits. These metal cases can store up to 325 pieces and 15 different types of bolts.

In business since 1947, we offer the best in fastener selections and quality so customers keep coming back for more. Volume pricing is offered for all of our bolts, ranging from the 10s to the 1000s so the quantity always matches your requirements.

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