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Sex Bolts (Screws) / Chicago Screws / Binding Post / Barrel Bolts


Sex bolts go by a variety of names; they’re sometimes called Chicago screws, barrel nuts, or connector bolts. These specialized mating fasteners are distinguished by the use of male (external thread) and female (internal thread) components. When installed properly, they're very secure, inconspicuous fasteners that can sit flush with the surface to which they are attached.

As popular alternatives to nails and screws, these handy items can be found in a broad range of applications, including railing equipment, knives, signs, fitness and playground equipment, and solar panels, just to name a few common ones. See below for our inventory of these highly durable sex bolts for sale; available in stainless steel, aluminum, & more.

Department - Sex Bolts (Screws) / Chicago Screws / Binding Post / Barrel Bolts