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CMT 1/2" x 2-9/32" Flush Trim Drill Bit

CMT 1/2 x 2-9/32 Flush Trim Drill Bit

CMT 1/2" x 2-9/32" Flush Trim Drill Bit

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  • SKU: 806.128.11 Weight: 1 lb Condition: New
  • $37.06 for 1 Trim Nit

Product Detailed Description

CMT 1/2" x 2-9/32" Flush Trim Drill Bit

    We have designed a series of truly indispensable bits available in a wide range of sizes for your woodworking needs.
For precision work on laminates or quick template work with excellent finishing.
    SHOP TIPS: these bits are excellent for making through mortises. Use a straight bit (#711.130.11) to groove the through mortise area, then use the drill bit (#517.130.31) to bore a through hole at the end of the groove.
    Turn the workpiece over to end the mortise. Use the flush trim bit with a cutting length slightly longer than the fillet, following the groove made on the opposite side of the workpiece with the ball bearing guide.
     SHOP TIPS: undersized bearing to use after resharpening.
    791.062.00 Ø9,3 replace bearing 791.002.00 (Ø9,5) after resharpening.
    791.063.00 Ø12,5 replace bearing 791.003.00 (Ø12,7) after resharpening.

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