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Coolcut S-50, 200L

Coolcut S-50, 200L
  • Walter Surface Technologies
  • SKU: DCO53C028 UPC: 662980547526 Weight: 470.888 lbs Condition: New
  • $3,300.02 for 1 piece

Product Detailed Description

Coolcut S-50? is a ready-to-use, high-performance metal cutting lubricant specially designed for automatic and semi-automatic metal removing operations, even in severe machining processes and high-pressure conditions. Ideal for hard-to-machine materials.

Features: Bactericide-free ; Can be diluted up to 1:30; Contains extreme pressure additives (EP); Contains non-chlorinated EP additives; Formulated with extended corrosion protection; Resists up to 80 bars of pressure; Stable emulsion; Works with pressures up to 1,100 psi

Material: Aluminum and other non-ferrous metals; High-tensile steel ; Stainless steel; Steel; Titanium

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