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12 Items 950 Pieces Large Metal Case E-Type Retaining Rings Kit

E-Type Retaining Rings Kit

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  • SKU: 54400SF Product Size: 12 Items 950 Pieces Large Metal Case Weight: 8 lbs Condition: New
  • $168.97 for 1 piece

Product Detailed Description

E-Type Retaining Rings Kit

  Large Metal Case Measurements: 18" Wide X 12" Deep X 3" Height

  Carbon spring steel SAE 1060-1090
  Hardness Size 6:                  Rockwell 15N 84.5-87
                   (Hardness cannot be checked with any degree of accuracy on  this size)
                   Size 9-S14:         Rockwell 15N 84.5-87
                   Size 14-S31:       Rockwell 30N 66.5-71
                   Size 37 & over:  Rockwell C47-52

  A semi-circular stamping with two ends which are set further apart than both internal and external rings.  The two ends have flared "prongs" which are substantially wider than the other parts of the ring.  A center prong extends from the inside perimeter of the ring, halfway between the two ends.  The three prongs, when radially installed, make contact with the bottom of the groove.

  Designed for radial (vertical) installation into machined grooves on shafts of varying diameter.  E-rings require a deeper groove, but provide exceptional thrust loadings when compared to fasteners of the same size and weight.  Steel rings can be safely used within a temperature range of - 100°F to 500°F.

  Retaining rings are heat treated using the austempering method.  Rings are uniformly heated to temperatures over 1500° F. They are then isothermally quenched in a molten salt bath at 600° F for 35 minutes.  This results in parts with a bainite structure characterized by good mechanical properties. has the largest selection of BOLTS, NUTS, SCREWS and WASHERS on the internet

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