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1-1/4-7 X 10 Hex Head Cap Screw Stainless Steel

Hex Head Cap Screw Stainless Steel
1-1/4-7 X 10"
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  • SKU: 125160CH188YW Product Size: 1-1/4-7 X 10 Weight: 4 lbs Condition: New
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Product Detailed Description

1-1/4-7 X 10" Long Hex Head Cap Screws Stainless Steel
18/8 Stainless Steel
USS Coarse Thread

Used in products that require general atmospheric corrosion resistance, such as chemical and food-processing equipment.

Some chemical environments may require special corrosion resistant materials and precautions.

A cap screw made from one of the following austenitic alloys: 303, 303Se, 304, XM7, all of which are characterized as having a chromium content of 17-19% and nickel content of 8-10%.

The austenitic alloys develop their strength through work hardening during the fastener manufacturing process, as seen from the hardness properties below.  The only heat treatment normally available on austenitic stainless alloys in annealing, which is done at approximately 1900°F to a dead soft condition and is not normally thermally reversible.

Manufactured to ASME B18.2.1 dimensions

Hardness: 1/4" through 5/8" diameter: Rockwell B95-C32 3/4" through 1" diameter: Rockwell B80-C32

Yield Strength: 1/4" through 5/8" diameter, 2.25D and longer: 65,000 psi. min. 3/4" (2.25D & longer) & 
                       7/8" through 1" diameter (3D & Longer): 45,000 psi. minimum

Tensile Strength*: 1/4: through 5/8" diameter, 2.25D and longer: 100,000 - 150,000 psi.
                           3/4" (2.25d & longer) & 7/8" through  1" diameter (3D & longer): 85,000 - 140,000 psi.

Elongation in 4D*: 1/4" through 5/8" diameter: 20% minimum; 3/4" through 1" diameter; 25% minimum.

Thread Length: Double the diameter plus 1/4" up to 6" length.

D=Normal diameter of the screw in inches
*These properties are tested only on machined specimens when the testing machine cannot provide for full testing of the parts.
**Product standards require the manufacturer's head marking to appear on the top of all cap screws 1/4" diameter and larger.

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