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18 Items 465 Pieces Plastic Case Metric Socket Set Cup Point Alloy Steel Screw Kit

Metric Socket Set Cup Point Alloy Steel Screw Kit

Assortment Sizes

  • M3-0.5 x 5mm
  • M3-0.5 x 8mm
  • M4-0.7 x 5mm
  • M4-0.7 x 8mm
  • M5-0.8 x 6mm
  • M5-0.8 x 10mm
  • M5-0.8 x 16mm
  • M5-0.8 x 20mm
  • M6-1.0 x 8mm
  • M6-1.0 x 12mm
  • M6-1.0 x 16mm
  • M6-1.0 x 20mm
  • M8-1.25 x 10mm
  • M8-1.25 x 16mm
  • M8-1.25 x 20mm
  • M10-1.5 x 12mm
  • M10-1.5 x 20mm
  • M12-1.75 x 20mm
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  • SKU: 07160SF Product Size: 18 Items 465 Pieces Plastic Case Weight: 4 lbs Condition: New
  • $77.01 for 1 piece

Product Detailed Description

Metric Socket Set Cup Point Alloy Steel Screw Kit

Plastic Case Measurements: 11" Wide X 6-3/4" Deep X 1-3/4" Height 

 A headless screw threaded the entire length with a metric thread pitch.  It has a hexagonal drive at one end and a cup-shaped indentation at the other end.

The cup point is the most popular type of set screw. Designed for fast, permanent and semi-permanent location of parts on shafts with hardness differential of 10-15 Rockwell C points and where cutting in of cup edge on the shaft is acceptable.

Screws shall be made from an alloy steel which conforms to the following chemical composition requirements (per product analysis)-- Carbon: o.28 to 0.50%; Phosphorus: 0.040% maximum; Sulfur: 0.045% maximum.  Also, one or more of the following elements shall be present in sufficient quantity to meet the strength requirements listed below: chromium, nickel, molybdenum or vanadium.

Screws shall be heat treated by oil quenching from above the transformation temperature and then tempered at a temperature sufficient to meet the hardness requirements listed below.

Rockwell C455 - 53

Socket set screws of a sufficient length to be tested shall withstand application of the test torque specified in said table without evidence of the socket reaming or the screw bursting.

Screws are supplied with a thermal black finish. has the largest selection of BOLTS, NUTS, SCREWS and WASHERS on the internet
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