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3/4 Plastic Toggles Anchors

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Product Detailed Description

 3/4 Plastic Toggles Anchors

  • 5/16" Drill diameter
  • #6-#12 Screw Diameter Range
  • 1 3/4" Minimum Screw Length
  • 1 1/2" Minimum Embedment
  • FF-S-325 Group V, Type 2, Class 4
A one-piece, plastic anchor with a cylindrical body and four legs

The hole through the center of the body has ribs on the outside to hold the anchor in place during installation

Applications/ Advantages
When a tapping screw is driven into the toggle, the legs collapse which forms a tongue

As the screw is driven through the body, it pulls in and expands the legs

Plastic toggles are intended for lightweight duty in hollow walls (wallboard or plaster), ie. drapery rods, junction boxes, soap dishes, towel bars, etc

The anchor remains in place even after the screw is removed

Engineered Plastic

Anchor Spacing
Anchors should be spaced 18-24 inches center to center (spacing can be closer in high-density material)

Tensile and Shear Strengths
The suggested safe working load is one-fourth the average maximum proof test loads

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