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Quick Dam 50" x 30' Yellow Water-Gate

Quick Dam 50 x 30' Yellow Water-Gate

Quick Dam 50" x 30' Yellow Water-Gate

  • Quick Dam
  • SKU: QDWGWL-5030 Weight: 7 lbs Condition: New
  • $8,050.00 for 1 Water Gate

Product Detailed Description

Quick Dam 50" x 30' Yellow Water-Gate

    Stop flood water, fast! Water-Gates roll out in the path of problem water & rise as needed with the flow of water. Water-Gate is a portable self-rising dam that keeps your home or property protected from the dangers of flooding. Water-Gates can provide flood protection anywhere from 6in to 5ft high. Use Water-Gate to control, contain and divert problematic flood water. Quick and easy to deploy. Once finished, just break down and store to be used again when needed.
    Control, contain, & divert water before it becomes a problem
    Portable Dam
    Roll out in the path of problem water and rises and opens from water pressure
    Quick & easy to deploy with minimal labor
    Compact and requires minimal storage
    Made from ultra strong PVC coated polyester fabric, which is resistant to abrasion
    Galvanized metal plate ballast weights held in polyester netting & sewn to water barrier
    Reusable for many years
    Flexible and forms to any surface
    Protection heights from 6 in to 5 ft high
    The Water-Gate is 4 times wider than its height, giving it more retaining power
    Connect units together with heavy duty velcro to achieve desired length
    Requires no site preparation, little or no additional material and no permanent installation.
    FM Approved-View Certificate
    US Army Corps of Engineers Tested and Approved – Watch Video
    Patented and sold in over 26 countries.
    Self deploying crates available for additional charge
    For larger sizes and quantities, please Contact Us for quote.

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