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Quick Dam 6-1/2" x 10' Water Curb

Quick Dam 6-1/2 x 10' Water Curb

Quick Dam 6-1/2" x 10' Water Curb

  • Quick Dam
  • SKU: QDWC610 Weight: 1 lb Condition: New
  • $165.00 for 1 Water Curb

Product Detailed Description

Quick Dam 6-1/2" x 10' Water Curb

    Water Curb is used contained water to divert flood water. Water-Curb is a fillable flood barrier that helps keep your home or property protected from flooding. Water-Curb is compact and easy to store when empty. Perfect for a quick solutions to control and divert problematic water. Once finished, just empty Water-Curb and store until it needs to be used again.
    Contains, controls, & diverts water
    Fill and drain with water as needed
    Compact & lightweight
    Store empty & fill on site as needed
    Dual chambers prevent rolling out of position
    Durable & chemical resistant 10mil Polyurethane
    Reusable year after year
    Use for doorways, garages & more
    Flood protection from 6.5in-10in high

This Quick Dam QDWC610 Water Curbs typically ships within 24 to 48 hours

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