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R "R" Straight Flute Drill

R Straight Flute Drill
  • Drillco

    Made in USA

  • SKU: DCO710A518 Product Size: R Weight: 1 lb Condition: New
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Product Detailed Description

The straight flute design of these Solid Carbide drills increases edge strength, produces good size control, and hole surface finish. The 140° split point provides ease of penetration. Straight flute Solid Carbide drills are used to drill difficult materials (up to Rc 60) including nickel alloys, chrome alloys, steel weldments, titanium alloys, high temperature alloys, and stainless steel weldments. Suitable for drilling out broken drills, taps, bolts, screws, studs, weldments and more!

Features: Letter, Solid Carbide, Bright, 140° Point, Straight Shank

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