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Relton GRT-4-8 Groo-V™ Straight Shank Masonry Drill Bit 1/4 x 8

Relton GRT-4-8 Groo-V™ Straight Shank Masonry Drill Bit 1/4 x 8

Relton 1/4 x 8 Multi Purpose Masonry Bit

1/4" Shank, 6" Cutting Depth

Made in the USA

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  • Relton

    Made in USA

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Product Detailed Description

Relton GRT-4-8 Straight Shank Masonry Bit 1/4 x 8

Percussion or rotary only, the Relton Groo-V Tip bit makes holes in almost all materials! Engineered for drilling hard materials, these specialized bits have a serrated carbide tip, which penetrates faster than standard masonry bits. (A drill press supported drill motor is recommended for drilling hard metal).

These superior masonry drill bits will cut:

Tile • Hard Metal • Plastic • Wood • Marble • Granite • Masonry

Note: Because of the differing densisites of these materials, the number of holes may vary. Slow drilling speeds are recommended, and in some cases, marble and granite may not be drillable with carbide tools


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