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5/8"-3/4" GripToggler® Plastic Hollow-Wall Anchors

5/8-3/4 GripToggler® Plastic Hollow-Wall Anchors
5/8"-3/4" GripToggler Plastic Hollow-Wall Anchors
Use #8 X 1-3/4" Screw


  • Mechanical Plastic Corporation

    Made in USA

  • SKU: 11011TMP Weight: 1 lb Condition: New
  • $35.18 for Pack of 100 pieces
    That's only $0.3518 per piece
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Product Detailed Description

5/8"-3/4" GripToggler Plastic Hollow-Wall Anchors 

New, improved TOGGLER® hollow-wall anchors, with their patented design, provide the most secure holding power for light and medium loads. The key-activated positive locking action causes the anchors to become a rigid, weight-distributing truss in hollow walls.

This Mechanical Plastic Corporation 11011TMP Toggler® Plastic Hollow-Wall Anchors AKA SNAPTOGGLER® typically ships within 24 to 48 hours

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