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3/8 X 3 Wedge Anchors Zinc Plated Steel

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    Since 1947
  • SKU: 3748AWG Product Size: 3/8 X 3 Weight: 6 lbs Condition: New
  • $20.20 for Pack of 50 pieces
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Product Detailed Description

3/8 X 3" Long Wedge Anchors Carbon Steel


A four-piece assembly consisting of (1) an anchor bolt threaded at one end with a unified pitch, and a shoulder at the opposite end which retains a free-spinning clip, (2) a clip with three lateral slits and projections designed to exert greater holding power the greater the load that is applied, (3) a hex nut, and (4) a flat washer.

These are heavy-duty, non-bottom bearing anchors of greater shear strength than other light and medium-duty expansion anchors. The design of the expansion clip assures full contact with the masonry. Wedge anchors withstand temperature fluctuations well. For best performance, minimum anchor spacing should be 10 hole diameters and minimum edge distance be 5 hole diameters.



This Mutual Screw & Supply 3748AWG Steel Zinc Plated Wedge Anchors by Mutual Screw typically ships within 24 to 48 hours

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